Jessica Heims


Jessica’s resume of motivational speaking spans many different audiences- schools, conventions, corporate, and banquets. She loves to share her story and connect with all who come to listen. Check out a few different types of keynotes and events she offers!

Life Journey and Disability

Being born with a disability, Jessica has learned a lot about setbacks and triumph. Years of hard work and determination allowed for her Team USA dreams to come true. In her Life Journey keynote, Jessica will deliver her moving life story and encourage audiences to overcome adversity. From amputation to the Paralympics, her story will capture the heart and soul of a fighter


As a professional athlete, Jessica has worked with her fair share of coaches. Her career has been founded on the love and devotion these coaches shared with her. In her coaching keynote, Jessica speaks to coaches of all types about her own experiences and provides insight on how to give unlikely athletes a chance at greatness.

School Visits and Video Calls

Looking for a motivational speaker for your school? Jessica loves speaking to schools and classes about her life journey. She has experiences speaking to the whole range of ages- from preschool to college. In her school keynote, Jessica will speak to your students about her life with a disability and how her school days prepared her to be a Paralympic athlete.

Thinking of doing a school project about disability or the Paralympics? Jessica would be a great asset! Your students can practice their journalism skills by interviewing Jessica and connect concepts of inclusion and determination in a hands-on environment.


Jessica’s life with a disability has made inclusivity a prominent and important value. She has faced pushback but has come out the other side understanding how important it is to make sure others never have to experience the same struggles. In her inclusivity keynote, Jessica will share her journey and how she continues to help break barriers for inclusion in sports and in life.


As a Christian, Jessica works to keep Jesus centered in all that she does. Between her home life and athletic career, she has seen time and time again how God works to provide for us and love us. In her faith keynote, Jessica shares her faith testimony. The center of her story is the concept that our value as Christians is not in medals, accomplishments, or titles, but rather in how uniquely  and powerfully God sees us and loves us.

Jessica Heims, a white and blonde woman is looking at the camera, wearing a red USA track shirt.

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